Дар шароити муносибатҳои иқтисоди бозорӣ бе ҳисобу китоб, таҳлили натиҷаҳои кор ва ба нақша гирифтани имкониятҳо пешрафти мунтазамро таъмин намудан ғайриимкон мебошад.

Emomali Rahmon

Implementation of data collection system for weekly monitoring of prices from the markets of cities and regions of the republic

According to the project plan of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), together with the Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, the plan and implement of the collection of weekly price survey data (average prices for food, alcohol and fuel in the markets of the republic) will take a higher quality in data collection with the using of a new electronic program presented by FAO.

The international expert Racionzer Paul presented the implementation of this program from May 29 to June 5, 2023 for specialists from regional statistical departments in the direction of weekly price registration.

It should be obvious that this program includes only the collection of prices, but also the analysis of their comparison and changes in a given period using the new registration system.

At the same time, the system allows us to connect data to a mobile phone and record and send prices through it.

Another goal of this project is to eliminate a number of problems, primarily:

- Collection of timely information;

- Reliability of data;

- Collection of accurate and real data;

Moreover, data comparability is also included.

It should be mentioned that this system is a pilot one and will be launched only in the Republic of Tajikistan, among other CIS countries.

Published on: 09.08.2023