Дар шароити муносибатҳои иқтисоди бозорӣ бе ҳисобу китоб, таҳлили натиҷаҳои кор ва ба нақша гирифтани имкониятҳо пешрафти мунтазамро таъмин намудан ғайриимкон мебошад.

Emomali Rahmon

Within the framework of the Project Implementation of the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics, the visit was made by six international experts of various statistical areas to the Agency on Statistics

According to the Twining Partnership Contract signed between the Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Joint Venture (Consortium) headed by DevStat the visit was made by international experts from March 26-30, 2018:  

 Leader of the expert group, Key Expert, Mr. Igor Chernyshev conducted a training seminar for specialists of the industrial statistics department on the existing methods of assessing employment and economic activities in the informal sector, in particular industry. A meeting was held with the management of the Mining College to discuss the establishment of a training center and the technical assistance was provided on preparation of terms of reference and a questionnaire for conducting the microenterprises survey on construction, etc. 
 Key Expert, Ms. Irina Goryacheva prepared offers to make additions and changes to the Form 1-price of industrial products manufacturers, instructions for completion of this form and methodological recommendations for calculating producer price index for industrial products. In addition, the offers were prepared for the revision of the weighting algorithms when calculating the PPI.
The work on the formation of the nomenclature of commodity groups was carried out in accordance with the OKED classification 2.
The work has been carried out to further improve the methodology on calculating price indices for construction and installation work based on resource-technology models. Algorithms for calculating monthly producer price indices for average annual prices of the base year (2005) have been developed.
A visit was organized to a confectionery factory to clarify the procedure for filling data by enterprises on producer prices and a construction organization for consultations on the possibility of obtaining information on prices in the housing market. The results of these consultations helped to introduce necessary clarifications when developing the statistical reporting on monitoring prices in the housing market.
 Non-key Expert, Ms. Valentine Gydilika, assisted in the selection of methods for calculating gross output, gross value added; improving the methodology for the transition to the calculations of the gross domestic product at the regional level and Ms. Daniela Makar, assisted the AS to create a single database composed of different sources of information that will cover all economic agents/local units at the regional level and will contain all indicators at the micro level necessary to perform further calculations of gross output and intermediate consumption by types of economic activity.
 Non-key Expert, Ms. Violeta Kunigelene prepared a methodology for improving the assessment quality of the manufacture of products by individuals with a focus on the manufacturing industry adapted to the capabilities (financial and technical) of the AS as well as the products manufactured by individuals has been assessed as a result of a sample survey. Calculation was made on the total volume of manufactured products in the manufacturing industry.
The Non-key Expert, Mr. Thomas Rudis tested the sampling tools created by the AS based on the information received from the Tax Authority on the volume of sales by individuals and selected the most optimal approach to be used for assessing industrial products manufactured by individuals in Tajikistan.  
On March 30, 2018, a panel discussion of the results of the expert visits was held under the leadership of Deputy Director of the AS, Mr. Davlatzoda Kiyomiddin with the participation of the PIG and in cooperation with the heads of the departments where cross-cutting recommendations of experts on industry statistics, prices and SNS were discussed.
Published on: 01.04.2018