Statistical Agency under President of the Republic of Tajikistan:

 Analytical tables

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  Real sector





  Fiscal sector


  Financial sector 


  External sector



  Development Goals






           Real sector

               Basic economic data, 2003-2008

               Nominal and real GDP, 1991 2008

               Nominal GDP by branches of origin, 1995-2008

               Manufacture of agricultural production, 19802008

               Production and yields of major agricultural crops, 1985-2008

               Animal husbandry, 19852008

               Allocation of agricultural land in 2008

               Industrial output by sector at constant prices, 19802008

               Selected indicators of industrial production, 19852008

               Electricity output, sale and consumption, 19802008

               Fuel consumption, 19912008

               Indices of real GDP, employment and energy consumption, 19912008

               Labor resources and employment, 19852008

               Registered unemployment, 19942010

               Employment by ssector of economy, 19852008

               Consumer price index, 19952010

               Producer price index, 19952010

               Monthly wages, 19952010

               Average monthly wages by sector, 19852008


           Socio-demographic sector       

                Basic social indicators, 19702008


           Fiscal sector

                State budget, 1998-1999

                Implementation of state budget, 2000-2008


           Financial sector

                Credit to the economy from commercial banks, 19962009


           External sector

                Exports by product, 19972008

                Imports by product, 19972008

                Destination of exports, 19972008

                Origin of imports, 19972008


                Millennium Development Goals

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