Statistical Agency under President of the Republic of Tajikistan:

 Structure of Statistical Agency

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Подпись: Deputy Director
Подпись: Industry and construction investments department
Подпись: Deputy Director Chairman
Asoev A.
Подпись: Agriculture statistics department
Подпись: Statistical methodology and working with local statistical offices department 
Подпись: Director
 Mukhammadueva B. Z.
Подпись: First Deputy 
Tagoev C. T.
Подпись: Demography, social statistics and employment department
Подпись: Material resources, trade and international  relations department
Подпись: Transport, communications, community facilities, paid services and ecology department
Подпись: Personnel and law department

Подпись: Planning, accounting and economic securing department 
Подпись: SNA and finance statistics department
Подпись: Summary economic analysis  and international relations department
Подпись: Price and tariffs registration, personal sector indexing and  household survey department