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Grant Number: Trust Fund Grant TF070386; and

IDA Grant MULT51250


Press -release

Mid-term review


In the framework of the Strengthening of the national statistics system Project TAJSTAT that has been implementing the Multiyear Integrated Statistical Program in Tajikistan was conducted a mid-term review in November 2008. The idea of mid-term review was to check the results of the project in the first year of its implementation and make relevant correction if there is a need for its better realization and achieving the results set up by the project. 


For more transparency and better reflection of the MTR it was conducted by the PARIS-21 and an individual consultant Mr. Tomas Africa who had worked on a neutral base. The initial results of MTR were presented by the expert during the MTR meeting on November 11 with 37 participants of wide range of organizations namely Mustafa Dinc Task Team Leader, Aziz Khaidarov Programs coordinator from WB, the projects respected donors were represented by Mr. Dylan Winder - Head, DfID Tajikistan, Mrs. Ester Forgan Statistical and Results Advisor Europe and Central Asia, Heidi Grainger - Chief Statistician and Mrs. Shahlo Rahimova from DFID, Maria Melbing - Program officer and Second Secretary of the Embassy of Sweden from SIDA, Mr. Tomas Africa - Mid-term review consultant from PARIS 21, Mr. Guenter Kopsch Team Leader, Mrs. Waltraud Moore key expert on Institutional development and Mr. Michael Schaefer Financial manager from the Consortium, Mrs. Emine Gerchek Coordinator of TICA in Tajikistan, Mrs. Tatiana Simeonova and Mr. Manfred Kaiser consultants of GOPA/EPOS, Mr. Zafar Khotamov programs coordinator ADB projects in Tajikistan, Mr. Mirzo Olimov UNDP representative, Mr. Ibodullo Sheraliev Ministry of Health of Tajikistan, as well as Mr. Mirgand Shabozov Chairman of SCS, Mrs. Bakhtiya Mukhammadieva First Deputy of Chairman of SCS and 12 Heads of Departments and divisions. At the same time all 4 member of PCT also presented in the MTR meeting.


According to the MTR results TAJSTAT project has been implementing in a line with its initial plan so far and has been achieving the established tasks. The project assimilated over 36% of the budget and over 25% of consulting services have been implemented already. Changes that have been made during the first year of its implementations are already clearly reflected not only on the central level, but widely on the regional level as well. MTR indicated that the project is able to achieve the goals were set up and offered to bring some small changes in the project in order to reduce the burden on the PCT and improve the linkage and communication. For that purposes the position of change manager from the SCS staff was introduced by the expert and was accepted by the donors, consortium and SCS. 


One of the main finding of MTR was that an integral approach to the development of such a wide sphere is very essential and tremendously is different from the piecemeal approach that was implemented before. Changing of an entire system is not an easy task and requires a great deal of efforts, deep understanding, big patience and at the same time it takes time. Nevertheless, SCS has been making good progress in the framework of the TAJSTAT project so far and is confident to achieve the target goals were agreed and accepted.