Food security and Poverty Information Bulletin for 4 quarter 2006 (PDF)



According to preliminary estimates, Gross Domestic Product for 2006 increased by 7% as compared to 2005. The biggest impact was due to increase of production in industry, trade, agriculture, and services.


As compared to 2005, production of grain decreased by 2.4%. Production of potatoes increased by 3.4%, vegetables - by 5.7%, melons - by 28.1%, fruits - by 40.8%, and grapes - by 18.7%. In 2006, farms of all categories produced 111.7 thsd. tons of meat or 104.4% as compared to 2005, 544.9 thsd.tons of milk (102.2%), and 104.7 mln.eggs (106.1%).


Imports of food products in 2006 increased by 15% as compared to the previous year. The major food products imported to the Republic of Tajikistan were wheat and flour (the greatest share), as well as sugar, vegetable oil, fruits, flour products (macaroni, noodles, bread, cakes, pastries), eggs, tea and others.


Monthly inflation rate in consumerís sector made up 1.04% (against 0.6% in the corresponding period of the previous year).


During 2006, the highest increase in prices was registered for onion (87.4%), carrot (62.7 times), potatoes (57%), sand sugar (39%), beef (32.2%), mutton (31%), eggs (27%), cotton oil (19.6%), milk (16.9%), rice (16.7%), pea (14.4%), semi-smoked sausage (10.5%), poultry meat (10.1%), condensed milk (9.8%), live fish (9.3%), cabbage (8.6%), semolina (8%), cooked sausage (7.8%), buckwheat (6.8%), chocolate sweets (5.4%), animal oil (3.9%), light wheat flour (3.3%), margarine (3.2%), and pasta (0.1%).


Real increase of wages and salaries (deflated by the CPI) in December 2006 made up 23.7% as compared to November 2006, and 34.7% as compared to December 2005. Average monthly salary in real sector in December 2006 was 152.45 somoni, increasing by 37.2% as compared to December 2005. In December 2006, the lowest wages and salaries in real sector were observed in agriculture and forestry, amounting to 62.59 somoni and 71.01 somoni, respectively.


As of the end of December 2006, total arrears in salary payments for the republic amounted to 23.9 mln.somoni.


The cost of consumerís basket, at actual consumption (according to household survey 2004) amounted to 48.40 somoni per one household member in prices of end of December 2006, while the cost of food basket according to rational nutritional standard would amount to 106.92 somoni.


In total structure of householdís expenditures for food, bread and bread products occupies the first place (34.8%). In January - September 2006, in all regions of Tajikistan consumption of bread and bread products exceeded approved medical norm by 15%, and the average daily calorie intake decreased to 2079.45 Kcal per capita.

Pensioners spend for food 69% of total consumer expenditures.

In January - December 2006, 20.1 thsd.persons were on leave on initiative of administration, of them 17.7 thsd.persons (88.1%) were on leave without pay. 2.5 thsd.persons were working during incomplete working week / working day. Unemployment rate, including hidden unemployment, amounted to 3.4% of economically active population.


From the beginning of 2006, 55.7 thsd.persons applied to employment offices for a job (which is less by 4.5% than in 2005), of them, 44.9% (25.0 thsd.persons) were young people aged 15-29. All applied persons were unemployed.


In 2006 incidence of infection diseases among population decreased by 11.6% as compared to the previous year, and was estimated at 1295.9 cases per 100 thsd. persons.


In 2006, increase in number of cases of parasitic diseases by 16.5% was observed, of which 42.7% were lambliasis cases, 26.5% - geminolepidosis cases, 16.2% - enterobiasis, and 13.6% ascariasis cases. Among population diseased with parasitic infections, children of 0-14 years old accounted for 72.1%.