Food security and Poverty Information Bulletin for 4 quarter 2009 (PDF)



·         According to preliminary estimates, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for January – December 2009 was valued at 20622,7 mln.somoni, and increased by 3,4% as compared to the corresponding period of 2008 (in constant prices).

·         The value of gross agricultural output in January – December 2009 in all categories of farms increased by 10,5% as compared to the corresponding period of the previous year and amounted to 7903,4 mln.somoni (at current prices), of which: plant products– 5578,2 mln.somoni (increased by 12,6%), and animal products – 2325,2 mln.somoni (increased by 5.9%).

·         In 2009, farms of all categories produced 1294679 tons of grain, 296051 tons of raw cotton, 690914 tons of potato, 1047162 tons of vegetables, 424294 tons of melons, 213687 tons of fruits, and 138473 tons of grapes. As compared to 2008, production of the following crops has increased: grain by 37,3%, potatoes – by 1,6%, vegetables – by 15,3%, melons – by 48,7%, and grapes – by 17,5%. At the same time, production of raw cotton and fruits decreased by 16,2% and 18,6%, respectively.

·         In January – December 2009, farms of all categories produced 134334 tons of meat (or 103.5% as compared to the similar period of the previous year), 629704 tons of milk (104.8%), and 188442 thsd.eggs (124.8%).

·         In 2009, the imports of food products increased by 1.8% as compared to 2008. Imports of wheat increased by 60.1% amounting to 413.1 thsd.tons (against 258.1 thsd.tons in 2008); imports of vegetables increased by 2.9 times.  At the same time, the imports of flour decreased by 24.5% amounting to 410.1 thsd.tons (against 543.0 thsd.tons in 2008); the imports of vegetable oil decreased by 16.9%, sugar – by 9%, and eggs - by 17.9%.

·         In December 2009, the consumer’s prices of most basic foodstuffs increased significantly as compared to December 2008, except of prices for milk, wheat flour, and carrot.

·         In 2009, consumption of bread and bread products exceeded the approved medical norm by 22.3% in all regions of Tajikistan and amounted on average to 159 kg per one household member.


In the total structure of household’s expenditures for food, bread and bread products occupies the first place (39%).