Food security and Poverty Information Bulletin for 3 quarter 2008 (PDF)



·                   According to preliminary estimates, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for January – September 2008 was valued at 12,374,847.4 thsd.somoni, and increased by 7.2% as compared to the corresponding period of 2007 (in constant prices)

·                   As of 1 October 2008 production of the following crops has increased as compared to the similar period of the previous year: potatoes – by 5.9%, vegetables – by 0.3%, melons – by 13.6%, and fruits – by 117.2%. At the same time, production of grapes and grain decreased by 85.0% and 0.4%, respectively.

·                   Imports of food products in January-September of 2008 increased by 10.4% as compared to January-September of 2007. Imports of milk and dairy products increased by 46.9%, vegetable oil - by 50.9%. At the same time, imports of wheat decreased by 25.4% amounting to 153.9 thsd.tons (against 206.4 thsd.tons in January-September of 2007).  Imports of flour increased by 24.4% amounting to 409.4 thsd.tons (against 329.1 thsd.tons).

·                   In September 2008 consumer’s prices of most basic foodstuffs increased significantly as compared to December 2007, except of prices for cotton oil, eggs, carrot and apples

·                   During nine months of 2008, in all regions of Tajikistan consumption of bread and bread products exceeded approved medical norm by 10.4% and amounted on average to 107.6 kg per one household member.

·                   The cost of consumer’s basket, at actual consumption (according to household survey 2006) amounted to 90.92 somoni per one household member in prices of the end of September 2008, while the cost of food basket according to rational nutritional standards would amount to 172.34 somoni.

·                   The highest arrears in salary payments are observed in real sectors: 13484.4 thsd.somoni (68.9% of total arrears) in agriculture, 2712.9 thsd.somoni (13.9%) in industry, and 1257.8 thsd.somoni (6.4%) in construction.

·                   In January - September 2008, 25.4 thsd.persons were on leave on initiative of administration, of them 11.5 thsd.persons (45.4%) were on leave without pay. Two thousand and eight hundred persons were working during incomplete working week / working day. Unemployment rate, including hidden unemployment, amounted to 3.4% of economically active population.

·                   In the third quarter of 2008 registration of infection diseases among population increased by 20.7% as compared to the third quarter of 2007. Cases of acute enteric infections account for 90.4% of total number of infection diseases. Number of registered cases of typhoid fever increased by 18.1%, brucellosis – by 26%, while number of registered cases of bacterial dysentery decreased by 20.5% and tuberculosis – by 8.4%.