Food security and Poverty Information Bulletin for 2 quarter 2009 (PDF)



·    According to preliminary estimates, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for January – June 2009 was valued at 7826630,4 thsd.somoni, and increased by 2.8% as compared to the corresponding period of 2008 (in constant prices).


·    The value of gross agricultural output in January – June 2009 in all categories of farms increased by 14.8% as compared to the corresponding period of the previous year and amounted to 1835.9 mln.somoni (at current prices), of which: plant products– 986.3 mln.somoni (increased by 24.3%), and animal products – 849.6 mln.somoni (increased by 5.3%).


·    In June 2009, the consumer’s prices of most basic foodstuffs increased significantly as compared to June 2008, except of prices for cotton oil, wheat flour, and carrot.


·    During January-June 2009, the highest increase in prices was registered for honey (by 54.4%), sand sugar (by 39.2%), vodka (by 16.4%), rise (by 12.1%), coffee (by 10.2%), tea (by 10.1%), sour-milk products (by 7.7%), mineral water (by 6.5%), fruit and vegetable juices (by 4.8%),  semolina (by 4.6%), chocolate sweets (by 4.3%), animal oil (by 3.7%), pasta and live fish (by 3.5%), poultry meat (by 3.3%), sour cream (by 3.1%), meat semi-products and eggs (by 3.0%), mutton (by 2.8%), and beef (by 2.2%)..

·    In the first half of 2009, consumption of bread and bread products exceeded approved medical norm by 25.8% in all regions of Tajikistan and amounted on average to 81.7 kg per one household member.

·    In the first half of 2009, the average per capita consumption of potatoes in 10% most well-off population group exceeded that in 10% least well-of population group by 50%, meat and meat products –2.8 times, eggs – 3 times, fruits – 2.5 times.

·    Share of expenditures for food among households having 3 and more children also increased by 2.3%, while among pensioners it increased by 4.5%.

·    In January - June 2009, 27.6 thsd.persons were on leave on initiative of administration, of them 19.8 thsd.persons (71.8%) were on leave without pay. Three thousand and one hundred persons were working during incomplete working week / working day. Unemployment rate, including hidden unemployment, amounted to 3.6% of economically active population, and decreased by 0.4% as compared to the first half of 2008..

·    Increase of real wages and salaries (deflated by the CPI) in June 2009 made up 13.9% as compared to May 2009. As compared to June 2008, the real wages and salaries increased by 24.7%. The lowest wages and salaries in real sector were observed in agriculture and fishery, amounting to 80.33 somoni and 154.85 somoni, respectively..

·    The cost of consumer’s basket, at actual consumption (according to household survey 2008) amounted to 95.04 somoni per one household member in prices of the end of June 2009, while the cost of food basket according to rational nutritional standards would amount to 184.73 somoni.

·    As of the end of June 2009, the total arrears in salary payments for the republic (inclusive of arrears for previous years) amounted to 30952.2 thsd.somoni, of which the arrears for June 2009 accounted for 21.4% (6625.5 thsd.somoni).

·    As of the end of June 2009, the arrears in salary payments in the real sector increased by 4218.2  thsd.somoni (or 17.0%) amounting to 29073.4 thsd.somoni. Increase in the arrears in salary payments was observed almost in all spheres of real sector, except for trade, industry, and transport, where the arrears decreased by 42.6%, 33.6%, and 15.4% respectively

·    In the second quarter of 2009, about 72% of all infection diseases fell on children aged 0-14. Cases of acute enteric infections accounted for more than 83.3% of the total number of infection diseases among children aged 0-14. The number of registered cases of bacterial dysentery and typhoid fever increased by 32% and 2%, respectively, as compared to the similar period of the previous year.