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  Real sector





  Fiscal sector


  Financial sector


  External sector



  Development Goals






          Real sector

                Macroeconomic indicators, 2000-2010

                Real economy indicators, 2002-2010

                CPI by 274 items, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

                CPI by 351 items, 2008

                CPI by 360 items, 2009-2010

                CPI by major groups of goods, 2000-2010

                PPI, 2000-2010

                Employment, 2000-2010

                Wages, 2000-2010

                Aggregate income of population on average per capita, 1998-2008

                Usage of aggregate income of  population, 1998-2008

                Structure of household consumer disbursements, 1998-2008

                Foodstuff consumption per capita, 1991-2008

                Сash incomes and expenditures of population, 1998-2008

                Average provision of population with houses per one inhabitant, 1998-2008

                Housing facilities, 1998-2008

                Cargo carriage by all mode of transport, 1998-2008

                Public conveyance by all mode of transport, 1998-2008

                Provision of population with individual automobiles, 1998-2008

                Paid services realization volume, 1998-2008

                Retail turnover, 1998-2008

                Provision of population with home telephone sets, 1998-2008


           Socio-demographic sector

                Preschool institutions, 1991-2008

                General education, 1991-2008

                Secondary professional schools, 1991-2008

                Higher education, 1991-2008

                Professional technical educational institutions, 1991-2008

                Infectious diseases, 1991-2008

                Morbidity of population by main classes of diseases, 1991-1999, 2000-2008

                Morbidity of population with active tuberculosis, 1991-2008

                Morbidity of population with cancerous neoplasms, 1991-2007

                Number of abortions, 1991-2008

                Number of women doctors, 1991-2008

                Number of paramedical personnel, 1991-2008

                Health development main indicators, 1991-2008

                Main demographic indicators, 1991-2008

                Number of administrative area units as of January 1, 2009

                Number of constant population, 1998-2008

                Natural population growth, 1998-2008

                Number of births, 1998-2008

                Crude birth rate, 1998-2008            

                Number of deaths, 1998-2008

                Number of registered marriages, 1998-2008

                Number of registered divorces, 1998-2008

                Population concentration, 1998-2008

                Rate of increase of population, 1998-2008

                Urban and rural population, 1998-2008

                Migration of population, 1998-2008

                Poverty rates comparison in 1999, 2003

                Summary of poverty data

                Monthly average amount of pension, 1998-2009

                Number of pensioners, 1998-2009

                Emissions of harmful substances in atmosphere air from stationary sources of emission, 1998-2008

                Number of registered crimes, 1998-2008


           Fiscal sector      

                 State deficit financing (net), 2001-2004


           Financial sector

                 NBT balance                                         

                 Banking system main indicators

                 Supply of money

                 Gross lending of banking system

                 Information on deposits

                 Weighted average lending interest rates (as of period)

                 Weighted average deposit interest rates (as of period)

                       Information on average bank rate

                 NBT deposit certificates

                 NBT refinancing rate

                 Analytical accounts of commercial banks, 2001-2004

                 Analytical Accounts of the NBT, 2001-2004

                 Monetary Survey, 2001-2004


           External sector                     

                 Exchange rate

                 Quotation of currency 

                 Balance of payments